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Best Neighborhoods in Denver Suburbs

Have you been considering a move to Denver, Colorado, but you're not interested in staying in the city proper? Denver, Colorado has dozens of suburbs that offer all the benefits of living in a big city without the traffic, tourism, and higher crime rates. Here are our three favorite suburban neighborhoods in Denver.

Top three Neighborhoods in the Denver Suburbs!

1. Greenwood Village. A little less than thirty minutes outside of the city of Denver, the affluent neighborhood of Greenwood Village offers plenty of great options for home buying. This location has condos along with single-family homes, and the schools there are highly rated, which makes the neighborhood great for people moving with children or planning to start a family.

2. Louisville. If you're the type of person who likes to be out and about in your neighborhood, then Louisville may be the place for you. Louisville is about a half-hour north of Denver, and it has a great small-town feel. If you are looking for cultural events and local things to get into, you'll be happy to know that 1/4 of Louisville's land is made up of parks and open space, and the city leaders are very passionate about building a close community.

3. Superior. This neighborhood is perfect for people who love to be in the great outdoors. Superior offers a quick drive to plenty of camping spots, hiking spots, biking spots, and fishing spots. This location also has a wealth of ranch-style homes and spacious single-family homes, and it is the place to be if you are a weekend warrior.

Moving to the Denver suburbs is all about what you want in a home and a town. If you're looking for an affluent location with condos and single-family homes, then your place is Greenwood Village. If you're looking for a sense of community and a location that has lots of local events available to you, then you may want to consider Louisville. And last, if you are the ultimate outdoors person and you want to be close to hiking biking and camping locations, then Superior is the place to be.

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