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Best Places to Live in Downtown Denver

Not interested in living in the suburbs and want to live in Denver proper? There are tons of different neighborhoods, so it can get confusing to decide where you want to stay. However, I’ve compiled a list of four great downtown Denver neighborhoods that encompass all the great parts of the city.

4 Best Neighborhoods in Downtown Denver

1. Lower Downtown, or LoDo. With an average rent price of just under $2000, living in LoDo won’t come cheaply, but it’s well worth it if you want to be in the center of the party scene. With a super-high walkability rating, you don’t have to worry about a long ride home from the bar or club in this area.

2. River North, or RiNo. This up and coming neighborhood is hipster-chic. It features tons of street art, artisan shops, and breweries. The average one-bedroom rent is in the $1600s, but every penny is worth it if you’re interested in living in an area full of culture and color!

3. Capitol Hill. If you want the full city-life experience, Capitol Hill is your area. Not only is it the state capitol, but it has the fastest commute to the CBD, and it’s a great area for walking or biking! The rent is modest at an average of $1500, so if you want the city-feel and don’t mind public transportation, then you’ve found your neighborhood!

4. Five Points. This area got its name because of the five-way intersection in the center of the neighborhood, and it is a great place for nightlife. If you want to be close to Denver’s local music and jazz scene, this is the place you want to call home. The average rent is in the $1700s, and you can walk most anywhere you want to go.

The best neighborhood for you all depends on what kind of life you want to have in Denver. If you’re interested in the nightlife, then LoDo and Five Points are the places you want to be. For a slightly quieter experience, RiNo and Capitol Hill are better neighborhoods for you.

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