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How Much are Realtor Fees in Colorado?

Selling or buying a home can be a big undertaking, and there are three different ways to sell your house. You can do it for sale by owner, you can sell it to a website like Zillow, OpenDoor or 8Z, or you can hire a realtor to help you with the process. Hint: The realtor route is best!

Realtor Fees in Denver, Colorado

There are many reasons to hire a realtor over doing it yourself or selling at a wholesale price. One reason is that realtors negotiate with other realtors. Another is because they are invested in getting you the best price for your home.

Realtors take the stress out of selling your home. Websites like Zillow and OpenDoor toot the idea that you can sell your house for a wholesale price and that it’s easy to do, but the wholesale price may not be nearly as good as what you can get if you hired a realtor regardless of the fee.

An average fee for a realtor is about 6% or 7% of the price of the home, and this price is always paid by the home seller. This realtor fee is the way your realtor gets paid for the work they do for you, so that price encompasses all the phone calls, the open houses, and the negotiations your realtor does on your behalf. A realtor’s main goal is to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

If you are concerned about the realtor’s fees, consider getting quotes from Zillow and OpenDoor and comparing them with the price a realtor wants to sell your house for. More than likely, the price your realtor sets for your home will be far greater than what Zillow or OpenDoor will offer, and your profit will still be better, despite the cost of your realtor.

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