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Is Denver Colorado a Safe Place to Live?

Denver, Colorado has a lot to offer anyone considering moving. It’s on the cusp of becoming a major city, so while traffic is increasing and housing prices are going up, there is still a lot to be discovered and a lot of opportunities left in this area. However, if you’re moving from a smaller town or even from a big city, you may be wondering about the crime rate in Denver.

Like any city, the answer is both yes and no. Denver, Colorado is not without its crime, but compared to larger cities, it has a lot less crime. Denver is also exactly what you make it, so if you are a person who has a knack for finding trouble, then you’ll have an opportunity to find it in Denver as well as any other city. However, if you keep your nose clean and you select a neighborhood that’s right for you and your family, then you will have no trouble staying away from crime hotspots.

Three of the safest neighborhoods in Denver are:

1. Platt Park. This neighborhood is perfect for families and those looking to retire in the Denver, Colorado area. Not only are there great schools located nearby, but there is also an event-filled community-oriented calendar.

2. Congress Park. Congress Park is located only a few blocks away from three different parks and offers plenty of green space as well. The housing market is super diverse, offering a mix of different home styles, and this neighborhood is less than fifteen minutes from downtown Denver.

3. Baker. One of the most affordable neighborhoods in Denver, it’s perfect for everyone. Whether you’re single, a young professional, a new family, or nearing retirement age, Baker is an ideal neighborhood for you.

The question of safety in Denver, Colorado is a hard question to answer. While a large city will always come with higher crime rates, Denver isn’t any more dangerous than any other major city. As long as you do your research when home-buying, you should have no trouble selecting a home in a safe and quiet neighborhood.

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